Youth 3v3 Tournament

JULY 30th – JULY 31st 

Youth 2nd - 8th Grade (Prize: Championship T shirt/ Trophies)

  • 20 minute games/ or 1st to  21 points

  • Allowed One Coach / Team Captain (In charge of registration/communications ) 

  • 3 Games Minimum

  • 4 player Minimum

  • 5 player Max per roster

  • 4 to 8 teams per division

  • Championship Game Per division

  • Fee: $150 per team (breaks down to $30 per player)



   8U M/F 

 9U M/F

 10U M/F

 12U M/F

14U M/F

***Some brackets might be combined or changed slightly.

Male and Female are separate brackets (unless otherwise specified).

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Registration will be available on a first come-first served basis, but MKU Athletics reserves the right to confirm all team registrations. Registration fees are non-refundable. Registration will close a week before the event or at sellout, whichever comes first. 

Get your team together and come play some basketball! This tournament will be either round robin with a single elimination bracket or a double elimination bracket depending on how many teams register. Registration is by team, so only one person from your team will need to register. 


Why play 3 on 3?

  • Focuses on the pure fundamentals of the game: pick and rolls, give and goes, back door cuts, using screens, etc.

  • Stresses basic man to man defense.

  • Fewer players on court means more touches per player. Everyone is involved in the game.

  • No transition game. No fast break, coast to coast baskets—nothing but fundamental half court offense and defense.

  • No pressing, gimmick defenses or strange traps.

  • Fast paced, high scoring and exciting game.

  • More relaxed atmosphere and consequently…more enjoyable.

  • It’s fun!!

  • and its different!!


Want to play but need a team?

Individual players can register and will be placed on a team if there are enough individual registrations in that division. Cost is $50/player for individual registrations. There is no guarantee that everyone who signs up individually will be put on a team. Please notify us 1st if you want to register.


Rules and Regulations

This will be sent to your team's coach/captain once registration is completed.

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