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* Personalize your own schedule for training. Minimum of 4 sessions. 

To register and/or schedule a time please email or call:



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Private Session 

Private Skills Training
There is no faster way to improve your game than private skills training. Each session lasts one hour and is packed with specific drills to fit each athlete's individual needs. After a skill filmed evaluation, a personalized program will be created to improve weaknesses and build on strengths. Parents and athletes may also request to focus on certain skills, and the program will be tailored exactly to your needs in each area. 

Cost: $50 per session 


5 - 10 Sessions: $40 per session 

11- 20 Sessions: $35 per session 

Group Session 

Taking a similar approach to private skills training, small group training places 2-6 athletes of the same skill level together. Individual skills are still the main focus, but a small group allows for competitive drills and game situations. For example, the pick and roll, high-low situations, and many other game skills can be honed in this setting. Athletes can sign up as a group or be placed by our staff based on age and skill level.

Cost: $ 35 per session 

Family Discount: $10 to $25 per individual


Jr NBA Spring Basketball Credit: 

MKU Athletics will honor your registration and credit you for 4 free private  and/or 7 group sessions. Please email your spring receipt and request to


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