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Happy New Year,

With the new year we have made new decisions to better the program. We wanted to make things more consistent and a better experience for the players/parents. A lot of these adjustments could not be made over the last few years due to restrictions, conflicts and inconsistence given by the venue. This was not in our control; contract or not we had to adjust weekly, or the last minute given instructions by the host. Moving forward this will no longer be an issue and gives everyone a piece of mind.



All games will be played at YSU on Sundays between 9am and 12pm. Coaches will have an opportunity to pick a two-hour time slot range to keep your game schedule consistent. Every team is guaranteed 6 games.

  • 1st games start Sunday, January 30th


Coaches Training

All coaches must attend one of our coaches' trainings to discuss rules, practices and game situation. We will provide you with instructions on how to run a practice, game plays etc. If you volunteer coach for our program the goal is to ensure that you're our comfortable and the kids are learning.  



All practices will be consistence throughout the season. Coaches will choose their date and time along with location (Youngstown, Howland, Warren, North Lima). This will allow you to continue to have practices throughout the season. We want the kids to get better every day the more that they’re in the gym the better.



If your child is interested in additional instructions, we will have training on Fridays throughout the season to allow additional instructions. Any skill level can participate in the program. This will be an additional fee $10 each session you attend. We have worked with over 300 plus division one athletes in North- East Ohio and is known for our training services and results. These spots are limited per age group.

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