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-          TINY TOTS (Pre K-K) 

-          ROOKIES  (1st-2nd Grade)

-          ALL STAR  (3rd-4th Grade

-          ELITE (5th - 6th Grade) 

-          LEGENDS (7th - 8th Grade)

TEAM DIVISIONS are based upon current grade not age

Players can play up any grade level. But cannot play on two separate divisions at the same time.



-          Rosters will be limited to 8-10 players. (Subject to being more at leagues discretion).


-          Each team will consist of no more than 5 players and no less than 5 at the start of each game, but may play with 4 in the event of an injury/illness and/or a player quits.

Our motto at the MKU is; it’s for everybody! Everyone on each team will play and everyone will play an EQUAL amount of time on the field/court. Coaches use their discretion as to how to ensure the playing time.

* The intent is to provide all participants equal playing time regardless of skill level or experience. It is the role of the coach to help ensure that every child plays and has a positive experience.

Youth Sports Bathroom Policy:

The children’s parents are required to take care of their child’s bathroom needs. If a child needs to use the restroom and their parent is not there a coach or team parent or MKU staff member may take them, but they MUST be accompanied by two additional children. A staff or coach is never to be alone with one child, and never take a child to the bathroom alone as well. When taking them, staff or coach must check and clear the bathrooms and then send all three children in together. This is for protection of the child as well as staff and volunteers.


Volunteer Coaches: ONLY TWO COACHES PER TEAM - 1 Head and 1 Assistant allowed on the bench .

All coaches are volunteering their time to make this a great experience. We try and select coaches who are knowledgeable in skills we are trying to teach. If you have are interested in being a coach or have a concern about a coach please notify the League Director (Steve Reynolds) immediately. ­


The referees are in charge of the game and their decisions are FINAL; right or wrong. ­

Please cooperate with the MKU staff in creating and maintaining an environment in which each participant may have fun, learn the game and be a good sport. The referees may occasionally stop play for instructional purposes when necessary, and will subjectively make allowances (as discussed and set up by league directors) based on ability, for violations. We encourage parents to focus on the children and not the referees. ­

Coaches agree to support and influence good sportsmanship, high moral standards and area responsible for the conduct of their players and spectators. This includes, but is not limited to, Unsportsmanlike disagreements with officials or insubordinate acts against supervisory staff. ­

The MKU Staff reserves the right and WILL send home anyone (this includes coaches, players, spectators) who are in violation of the rules and regulations set by the program for the health, safety, and welfare of all participants. ­

Spectators Code of Conduct:

As a spectator, we hope to provide a fun and rewarding experience for you and your child. In order to achieve our goal we ask that you adhere to the following criteria:

1. Applaud good plays by your own team AND the opposing team.

2. Never ridicule or scold a child for making a mistake during a game or practice.

3. Encourage players to always play according to the rules.

4. HAVE FUN! Make it enjoyable for you and your child.

5. As a parent you are not allowed to approach the coach and team’s bench during a game. If you have a comment for the coach please wait until after the games are over to speak with the coach. If the coach feels you are being unnecessary then they may direct you and your complaint to the MKU Basketball Director, Steve Reynolds.

Parent Involvement:

As a parent or guardian of our leagues we want you to know we appreciate your help and leadership. We suggest you get involved on your child’s team to make the experience more enjoyable for them. Whether it be snack, water, fruit or high fives the kids DO appreciate you being there! ALL parents must be on site with their children as part of our MKU policy. Please do not leave your child at the gym too early before their scheduled game or leave them too late after they have played. We appreciate your help in this matter.


-          Time is running 

-         Overtime will be played for 4 minutes   


-         TINY TOTS: (4) 6 minute quarters - Substitutions in between quarters, or timeout.­ (No Playoffs)

-          ROOKIES: (4) 8 minute quarters - Substitutions in between quarters, or timeout and/or dead ball.

-          ALL STARS: (4) 8 minute quarters - Substitutions in between quarters, timeout and/or dead ball.

-         LEGENDS: (4) 8 minute quarters - Substitutions in between quarters, or timeout and/or dead ball.

-         ELITE: (4) 8 minute quarters - Substitutions in between quarters, or timeout and/or dead ball.

Time is running EXCEPT the last 2 minutes of the 4th quarter. If the losing team is down by more than 15 points the clock will continue to run throughout the entire 4th quarter. ­


-          One minute between quarters. ­

-          3 minutes between halves (if time permits). ­

-          Each team will have  2 timeouts per game ­

-          Timeouts may be called by the coach of the offensive team while the ball is in play. ­

-          Anyone may call a timeout during a dead ball situation.


-         TINY TOTS: Ball Size: 27.5  Youth ­ Rim Height: 7 1/2  feet ­

-          ROOKIES: ­ Ball Size: 27.5  Youth ­ Rim Height: 8 1/2 feet

-          ALL STARS: ­ Ball Size: 28.5 ­ Rim Height: 10 feet ­

-          LEGENDS: 28.5 Ball Size­ Rim Height: 10 feet ­

-          ELITE: 29.5 Ball Size Rim Height: 10 feet (Girls Division will still use a 28.5 Size Ball) 


-          A Jump Ball will start the game (ROOKIES & Up). To start the 2nd-4th quarters the ball will be put into play with a throw in under the alternating possession procedure. ­

-          Jump balls will be alternating possessions. ­

-          Jump balls occur when two opponents have one or both hands firmly on the basketball. ­

-          Teams will change baskets at the end of the first half. 

-          Tiny Tots possession will be determine by a Rock Paper Scissors 


-          Field goal: 2 points

-          Shooting fouls: 2 shots  

-          Shooting Fouls 1 point and ball (unless the basket is made) ROOKIES

-          Free throws: 1 point 

-          3 pointers will count if shot behind the three point line. ­

-          Score will not be kept on the Tiny Tots Level. (They are all winners)


Every division will play man to man defense. (NO ZONE or DOUBLE TEAM) Except in the Legend Division 

Team in violation will be given 2 verbal warnings. The 3rd warning will result:

-1pt and Possession (ROOKIES only)

- FREE throw and Possession (ALL STAR)


Teams must play a man to man defense (NO ZONE or DOUBLE TEAM except in the Legend Division) However, it can only be played once the offensive team has passed over the mid-court line. The defensive team must retreat back across the mid-court before engaging in either tactic. On out of bound plays, the defender must stay on the court at all times.

Note: ALL STAR & LEGEND Division is the only age group that may play full court man to man defense when time permits.  ­

All Star Division: (LAST 2 MINUTES OF EACH HALF) 

Legend Division/Elite Division: Whenever (OHSAA RULES)


When a violation occurs the whistle will be blown, players are asked to stop, a brief explanation will be given and the ball will be turned over and taken out of bounds (unless on a shooting foul). Violations include: double dribbling, traveling, lane violation, 5 second throw in violation, carrying the ball. ­

-          TINY TOTS & ROOKIES: There is no time limit in effect for this age group. Coaches should still train players to understand moving in and out of the key. ­

-          ALL STAR: There is a 3 second time limit for being inside the key. ­

-          LEGENDS: There is a 3 second time limit for being inside the key.


-          Teams have 5 seconds to put the ball in play. ­ (ROOKIES, ALL STAR, LEGENDS & ELITE only)

-          Teams have 10 seconds to pass the half court line. ­(ROOKIES, ALL STAR, LEGENDS & ELITE only) If a team calls time out before crossing halfcourt, time will resume.  Time does not reset because of a timeout. 

-          Except the TINY TOTS. No time limit for this age group.



-          Unnecessary contact of players constitutes a personal foul and equals a team foul. Charging, a half court violation (back court pressing), tripping, pushing, or contact from behind. This may occur on offense or defense resulting in a turn over. ­

-          If a foul occurs while shooting, the player that was fouled will be awarded 1 point and 1 free throw (LEGEND & ALL STAR Only). Violating player is given a personal foul and a team foul. ­

-          If a foul occurs in the course of play, the ball is awarded to the other team out of bounds. Violating player is given a personal foul and a team foul. ­

-         TINY TOTS, ROOKIES: No fouls will be penalized. Ball will go out of bounds and referee will instruct players on the violation situation in order to educate the players on the violation that occurred. Blatant and obvious fouls will be called. ­

-         TINY TOTS, ROOKIES players CANNOT foul out of a game. ­

-         ALL STAR, LEGENDS players will be awarded the ball (on non-shooting violations) and free throws on shooting fouls. The players will shoot free throws from the regulation free throw line. ­

-          ALL STAR, LEGENDS players will foul out of a game on the 6th personal foul. ­

During a free throw, players (other than the shooter) may enter the lane when the ball hits the backboard or rim. The shooter must land with both feet behind the free throw line in order for it to be legal. ­



- 6 fouls a player can foul out 

- Bonus 1and1 after the 6th team foul (7th foul team will shot 1and1) ALL STAR, LEGENDS

- Bonus after the 10th foul team shoots 2 free throws 

- ROOKIES: After the 10th team foul team will receive the 1pt and the ball 

Technical Fouls:

Technical fouls will be called for any taunting, profanity or unsportsmanlike conduct. A technical foul will be called after the first warning has been given. The result of a technical foul is 1 free throw and possession of the ball. ( ALL STAR, LEGENDS) 

- Rookies : 1 pt and the possession of the ball 


-          All players must check in with the referee prior to entering the game. The substitution may occur at the end of the quarter, or if there is an injury. ­

-          No substitutions on the fly. ­

-          Players can have their coach notify the official and wait for the ok before entering the game. ­


Coaches can only travel within the assigned areas. Coaches should not be moving all over the court. ­

Any comments made to the referees or the staff should be made before the game, at half time, and/or after the conclusion of the game.


No jewelry (which includes: dangling earrings, necklaces, bracelets, watches, etc.) shall be worn during games. This is to help ensure the safety of all participants.


Snacks should be provided for teams by team parents or at our concession stand. Snacks should be eaten outside of the gymnasium. We ask that you please throw your trash in the designated areas in order to help keep the Gym clean. ­

Please only have WATER, Gatorade, or Powerade in the gym. Please be respectful of the courts we are using.

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